VCT - Your virtual office staff

Need assistance for only few hours daily? Get a Virtual Assistant.

Who is Virtual Assistant?

A  Virtual Assistant (or VA) is a professional service provider who specializes in providing remote administrative office support. Virtual Assistants operate remotely from their own places of business and utilize their own technology to support the needs of clients.

When and Why would I use Virtual Cyber Technology?

The logic behind contracting Virtual Cyber technology should be one of cost reduction and increased production through improved efficiency. We are as good as your in house employee at low cost.

What are the benefits in comparison to on-site employee?

How safe are your Jobboards / database logins?

We do nothing to compromise the safety of your data. Access by us is no different than access by an on-site employee. A Confidentiality clause is also included in our Service Agreement. Also we can access confidential files/database using remote access software like Citrix and Logmein.

Do I have to make a long-term commitment?

No. We work only on hourly basis for long term as well as short term.